Tuesday, August 5, 2008

El Jobso admits mistakes.

The spies of Ars Technica intercepted an internal memo by his Jobness admitting that the massive launch of mobile.me, the App Store and the 3G iPhone, all at the same time, was too good to be true; more testing and a more gradual roll-out would have been much more appropriate. As the old Greek philosophers would have put it: Γειράσκω αεί διδασκόμενος (I'm still learning while I am aging).

There may have indeed occurred several macho acts by those in his senior staff who were responsible for the Big Bang launches, trying to impress Jobs himself and prove to the rest of us that Apple is even more than we think it is. El Jobso's job was to keep an eye on all responsible but this time he may have been less despotic than usual (less of an a-hole) and more empowering to them by delegating more authority that they could handle... Problem is, where despotic regimes are the rule, it's very unlikely to be able to find many who have testicles and skills to make the right decisions. On the other side, despotism can also help achieve short term goals like no other. Look at the China Olympics as an example. I believe His Jobness ended-up kinda thinkin': Over my dead body next time over, moron first-graders! It's a bleedin' kindergarden I'm runnin' for cryin' out loud!

He couldn't be more right...

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