Thursday, August 28, 2008

LinkedIn rules!

Have you guys been overwhelmed recently by 'connecting' requests coming out of LinkedIn? Heartbreaking! I mean it! Some connections that recently reached me appear as coming from another life in a Parallel World! Dirk Jan Sjobbema! Thomas Steuer! Georges Verheijen! Mike Mills! OMG! Still alive and well? How's life treating you guys? David Sprott! CEO of CBDI Forum! Lawrence Wilkes! My dear Lawrence! Born actually the same day in the same year as I. Great year by the way! Year in which that Jozef Stalin sonovabitch was burried! Makes me feel 50 years younger already!

Who knows where the time goes? Maybe I sound like Nina Simone but I really really mean it! You think life is short and time flies but you look back and there is an entire world that existed out there and a myriad events that took place and simply faded, until something like Web 2.0 LinkedIn shows up and lights a bonfire right into a man's memory cells.

LinkedIn is not meant of course to be serving the emotional side of things. It's a monetized Web enterprise that adds value to business networking by maintaining a database of various degrees of career connectivity among its members (remember 'the 6 degrees to Kevin Bacon'?). A great idea, especially because many of the companies it still tracks are long gone (sold, diluted, failed) but memories among their ex-employees stay alive. Memories of better days! We spend so much time together under the roof of 'corporate business' that we forget there's more to life indeed. Anyways... but, that's another story.

Well, thx much LinkedIn! You're da man!

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