Saturday, August 30, 2008

New York, New York

Finally! We arrived at the Big Apple. Drive from JFK to the Benjamin in record time. Only happens at 4 am the cab driver said!. Labor day around the corner and everyone's rushing out of the City. And we have been rushing in. Beautiful day, in the upper 20ies (Celsius) clear skies. Gorgeous! Huge room (a suite really) at the Benjamin, opposite the Waldorf. Lexington, Park, Madison and there we are, at the 5th. Went for a snack at the Rockefeller Center. Big burgers and breathtaking blondes all over. Wish I was 30 yrs younger.

Walked to the Temple! The Apple Store at the 5th Avn. Three words: A-MAZ-ING! Gotta see it to believe. Never seen such a crowd in a shop except during Sales. Nevertheless, enough geniuses and equipment around to satisfy every curious customer and prospect. Tried a pair of Sony noice cancelling and another one from Bose. Gotta hear it to believe it. Close your eyes and it's like all the crowds suddenly disappeared and you are on your own on your sofa, scotch on one hand and a book on another, enjoying your favorite composer... Megacool!

Drug store, some medicine, water, doritos, micro-wave Pop-Corn, some bananas from a street fruit salesman and back to Benjamin for an early turn-in. 

Morning day after... Blogging for friends and enemies...

Keep checking our iWeb site for beautiful shots...

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