Thursday, August 28, 2008

Politics Made in Belgium

Pinch me! A thirty one year old social assistant who made a blitz career via the almighty Belgian unions and selected by a bunch of cowardly politicians of the ruling Christian Democrats, she was given the federal Ministry of Civil Service and Public Enterprises to run. Next thing we know, as the world's leading expert in 'running commercial business' (with her Union's background in bankrupt National Airlines SABENA she sure 'knows' a wholelotta), she doesn't 'like' Belgacom's top man Bellens salary, and challenges him with a 30% pay cut ultimatum! Like declaring the war to a hostile nation! Gimme a break! The man keeps a super business running with profits (unique in Belgian state owned businesses) and makes a good dough, but nevertheless his pay eclipsed by equivalent jobs elsewhere outside Belgium. But his comp causes shivering and a stroke to those incompetent civil servants 'running' the whole country like sh*t, not even being able to hold their act together 15 months after the last National Polls. And cute little Sound of Music nun Inge is gonna tell us now how to run big business. What can I say? Damn those politicians who still believe in state ownership of commercial business?! Who wants them to? Some can't even tie their own shoelaces together or keep themselves away from booze and still have the nerve to tell the rest of us how to lead our lives and manage our businesses! Can you find a better example of public arrogance? Open the dictionary on the term and you got the pictures of them all members of our current Belgian cabinet posing next to each other and thinking, 'we are all f*cked up!'

At least little Inge is honest with us. See how she gives us the middle finger in the picture above? Really!

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