Thursday, August 21, 2008

This must be the screamer of the day!

I am following Tony, the CEO on Twitter. A couple of days ago he twitted that he was on his way to Beijing for business meetings with UPS (soit disant); in the meantime, he found the time to window-shop the Olympics... why not? He's been twitting a myriad experiences of his but, the best one by far is this one here:

zappos Urinals @ Olympics all have piece of duct tape on top, except for one someone removed. Hidden underneath: "American Standard" (manufacturer) about 6 hours ago from txt

Do you get it? I'm sure you do. Good ol' Chinese (who knows who's responsible for that... maybe the 'party' and Mao's spirit) feel embarrassed to tell the world that they had to buy urinals from American Standard, so they covered its logo with duct tape instead!

What can I say! Get a life for cryin' out loud!

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