Friday, September 12, 2008

Aren't we all?

Check out this article about Apple and its ways. Makes great reading! I like best the following passages:

"...Apple's customers are like no others -- a rich blend of the most sociologically elite with those seeking elegant, simple computing. Apple's panache has enabled them to maintain some of the highest margins in the industry, while also sustaining a brand loyalty level which is the envy of many. Now Apple is making surprising and measurable progress against Windows' dominance with a multi-pronged strategy involving broadened retail, mobile computing, and non-computer products and services....

... In addition to singular demographics, Apple's users have a unique profile in the ways they use their personal computers. Unlike users of Intel/Windows computers, a significant portion of Apple's users are active, exploratory, avantgarde and early adopters. The activities they enjoy are unique in the way that they more-often incorporate rich media such as video and music as well as more-active prosumer behavior than many more-passive Windows users..."

In other words, Windows users possess IQ in the double digits up to a max of 110, 'simple minds', anything but sophisticated... Would that be any true? If yes, start investing in AAPL for your grandchildren because it's gonna take at least a couple more generations for the average android to qualify as an Apple smartie...

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