Sunday, September 7, 2008

Honey! I'm home!

Yep... we got home from a seven day escapade in NYC. But honey ain't home. She's been weekending in Paris with our two eldest siblings. What a family! Can't get our ass under our own house roof! Always traveling and going places! Sourtoukia, as my mom used to say!

Anyway, I got all the peace I needed coming back from one of the busiest and loudest places on earth, the heart of Manhattan! This morning a phone call woke me up from a friend asking old copies of our 'de Morgen' papers for some work at school of one of her kids. I thought it was 7 am. It wasn't. Was exactly 9:59am! I don't remember the last time I was still in bed at 10am on a Sunday morning! Must have been years ago, if ever! Was good that this call woke me up, otherwise I might have been embarrassed to do leave bed at midday or past. Anyways. It's 16 degrees Centigrade and raining! Wonderful! Just what I need! Noooot?!

NYC is haunting us. Two late films on TV yesterday, the most recent Pink Panther and Carlito's way, both showing parts of the city where we've been almost hours ago. Especially, the shooting at the Waldorf entrance on Park Ave... only thirty hours ago, I took a picture exactly from the same angle they have been showing. Theirs was much better though. Whatever!

I started putting together a Blurb book about our trip and it's real fun to see once again the hundreds of pictures I shot. I only now realized that I hadn't actually seen most of them yet! Terrible!

Look at the shot above! There's no green screen involved. The picture is shot at this modern sculpture at the bottom of Wall st, on either Front or the Water str, I can't exactly remember. If you have Photoshop available, try this for yourselves. Shoot a panoramic picture of something with a human subject in one of the first shots and in one of the last, and then stitch them together with File/Automate/Photomerge.../Automatic. The rest is done by Photoshop itself. Don't worry about the rules of panoramic shooting too much. Photoshop is clever to correct possible mistakes you've done as well. See more of my pans here. The ones we shot at the Marriott with Terry fooling himself are done like this shown above too. Actually, it was his idea to try this trick! Well done kid!

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