Sunday, September 7, 2008

McCain for President!

My European friends must think I'm gone nuts at the reading of this blog title... until they watch Jon Stewart's video clip. Anyways, there is a sense in the US that us, Europeans, love US Democrats as a matter of rule. Basically, most of us believe than the difference between US Democrats and Republicans is similar to the difference between Coke and Pepsi. Only problem, after 8 years of Bush Jr. Administration, Europeans don't feel very safe, and we feel, even within our own territories, economically down the drain (inflation, price of crude, rate of the $ vs €, to name a few problems) than when blowjob Clinton was in power. And, truth be told, Barack Obama seems to run circles around the old man who picked that Mary Poppins character to run with him for the Presidency of the greatest nation on Earth! Even if you watch them both (Obama and McCain) on a TV set and, even mute the sound, you see the obvious difference. You can so easily tell (at least if you don't live in the US) who emanates leadership and who wants to play macho but really behaves like a goldfish that jumped out of its water ball by accident. How come the majority of Americans don't see that yet? Blame their media and their education system. Both are geared towards creating mentally disadvantaged androids out of normal people! Must be that.

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