Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My Blurb album 'creation' about my recent Manhattan visit has just been delivered on the post and I am delighted to admit that the quality (compared to commercial publications) has largely overrun my expectations. Click on the frame above to see more shots on Flickr. Binding is solid, the quality of the cover paper stunning, the digital printing on all pages of utmost quality. I am also getting an extra 20% discount on my following order because I've been a loyal customer, they said. If you want to enjoy the same discount let me know. I'll send you the discount code. Results are heads and shoulders above what I am used with Apple printed albums. Really! I mean it! Even with my geeky Apple hat on top of my head!

Incidentally, all those digital photographer prosumers out there, I want to point you to this article by Nathan Myrhvold who used to be the famous Microsoft CTO until 2000. Nathan is a member of EDGE, a sort of best beautiful minds of the planet tank, people who are sitting on the 'edge' of knowledge and leading the rest of us commoners. Nathan seems to be a fervent digital photography geek and knows exactly what he is talking about. With his MSFT billions he can also afford the best gear on the planet (Mark III, Hasselblad and field cameras... a bit like mine so to say...noooot?). To me reading his article was a breath of fresh air, not so much for the new knowledge it supplied but rather for the confirmation and clarifications about prior knowledge with some extensions here and there. A must read for all amateurs with 'pro' aspirations.

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