Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A new life

The boy was just over 24 hours old when half of the US Congress (the House) was about to start voting on the bailout. Bloody Monday, 9/29, was progressing painfully with the Dow and NAS diving south in abyssal depths never seen before.

The boy wouldn't care less. He was just fed and asleep. Sleep makes babies grow. And smell good! Newborns have a wonderful scent. New cells, I always said. New healthy cells rushing to grow in the billions. Brings to mind Bono in 'Miracle drug':

Freedom has a scent, like the top of a newborn baby's head...

The rest of us stayed fixed on TV screens as news were broadcasted by all Financial and News channels available, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN. Is it gonna be a Yea or a Nay? Going well... Early votes are pouring in... Good! Yea seems to be winning... Slamdunk is gonna be... Thank you Lord... Wait... Nays are trailing close... OMG they just overtook the Yea's... I can't f*ckin' believe this! Open up Websters on 'moron' and you find a groupshot of 228 shameless and double digit IQ members of the House.

Many years from now, my good friend Nikolaos, dad of the newly born, is gonna be telling the kid stories about the day after his birthday! A historic day of huge proportions. The day that human greed, ego, stupidity and self destruction foresaw the living Globe with another Great Depression! Similar reasons brought down Enron few years ago. Similar to Enron leaders, in Wall Street this time, are to blame for this one. What did the government do to get us out of that Enron mess? SOX's the name. Did that do any good? Don't know yet... hasn't protected us from the subprime mess and its avalanches, it seems...

Is this mess ever gonna end? Sure thing... When then? Who knows? With a Congress and a state of Affairs in the US, like we are experiencing them these days, maybe it'll take many more cycles and sacrifice by every living soul before few hardcore dickheads in the US get it... Let's hope for the best. Right now US matters seem in disarray. Far worse than the days after 9/11. Neither the Administration, nor the new Presidential Candidates and much less the Fed Chairman and the Treasury Secretary are being listened to. Sheer Anarchy! Calculated Congressmen prefer to listen to constituents cries instead of to reason. Like the man on the streets has got a snowball's chance in hell to define what's the right thing to do. Like Joe on Main street knows any sh*t at all about the economy. C'm on, freaktards. Are you in a coma or somethin'?

Baby Nikos Jr wouldn't care less about all this; by the time he'll be making money of his own, Sep 29, 2008, and George W. Bush will be nightmare memories of the past he can only watch on History channel. Lucky him!

Welcome to life Jr!

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Anonymous said...

Very Moving. Thank you on behalf of all of us Vasili.