Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama leads McCain by 12 points...

These last couple weeks before the US Presidential elections (Nov 4th) polls are taken every single day, seems to me, and results are made known via news agencies and TV networks. Not only in the US, but worldwide even more so. In the latest Reuters report published today BO leads JM by 12 pct points. There's a well known Gallup guru called Zogby, who interprets the data like a Delphi oracle, and the rest of us, plain commoners, are paying religiously attention to what he has to say. Reason is, many have tried it, but only the Yanks are really good at it! Polling, I mean! They are able to predict outcomes within microns!

Anyways, the reason I'm posting this short blog here is the pictures of the two candidates the article author selected to display. Looks kinda like Obama's telling McCain: "12 point lead, my Friend(s)! No Cunt-ry for Ol' Men..."

I'll drink to that!

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