Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Incroyable mais vrai!

I really done my best to remain apolitical after the Obama election, more so because opinions (mine too) are like a-holes (as my old boss used to say). Everybody's got one... So, who cares what I think, anyways...

However, this was too big to let go... The title is like "Texas grand jury indicts Cheney, Gonzales of crime"

I'm kinda like "Duh??" He's not even out of office yet! I mean Dick the VP. Please read and judge for yourselves... if they already start going after the known hawks of the Bush Jr. administration, even more so out of GOP loving Texas of all places, my Goad... we're gonna end up with shitloads of monumental soap operas in the next dozen years.

The only news I had no idea about (why should I anyway) is that the VP maintained 'some' form of economic participation into the privatized prison business! Well done Dickie boy! Why not? Those script writers of the "Prison Break" and "24" episodes are dudes pretty well informed! Who could tell?

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Nikolaos Antoniou said...

The end of the world starts in texas