Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama is a marxist !

I don't know which is true, really. Is it that the McCain campaign leaders are incredibly stupid, or is it that they are phenomenally smart as they strongly believe that half of the US citizens are incredibly retarded idiots? Either way, their attempts to scare people away from Obama are so pathetic that all of us, watching this election from the outside, are in the process of losing the last wee-tiny bits of confidence we had in the greatness of this nation. The final coup will be if the Republicans indeed win the Presidency again this time, after eight years of cataclysmic performance only second to an Armageddon-like meteorite impact on the planet. It will be the end of the US as we know it! I'll go learn Mandarin Chineze as a new pastime.

The 8 year old regime of the Bush Jr clan has diminished the reasoning and IQ of a 'normal' person living in the US to levels only comparable to plants. I watched clips and reports in the hundreds in the last year and my ears and eyes could not believe what was happening. 'Obama is a Marxist!' Oh no! 'Obama is going to redistribute our wealth!' Which wealth? Haven't you folks yet realized that you've been living, years now, on cash you borrowed from the Chinese and then went back to them to spend it on products they made for you? Do you still believe you are 'wealthy' and afraid to lose it? Got news for you. You already lost it. You wasted it on hamburgers and Starbucks coffee. OMG! 'Obama's auntie is an illegal!' BTW, aren't you all illegal as you came to this land from Europe and elsewhere and stole it from the natives! Remember your 'intellectual' ancestors? Jessey James and Billy the Kid? 'Obama is a terrorist'. 'His name sounds like Osama!' cried someone from Oklahoma...'Obama is a Muslim'. So what? Who said he had to be Christian or Buddhist, for that matter? I thought your Constitution allowed freedom of religion, right? 'Obama is the Antichrist!'... (that was the 'best' I ever heard, BTW). 'Obama is against free weapon trade!' Moses! What an anathema! I thought neocons were good Christians and creationists and church goers! Is there a spot in the Bible that sez about your rights to use arms and kill thy neighbors?

Worst of all, those who regularly came up with such arguments on TV looked themselves very much born losers; most I've seen looked like miserable double digit IQ white supremacist boneheads whose knowledge of the 'English' language made you doubt whether they were ever able to write down orthographically any English ten word sentence. Unfortunately, they all have one thing in common that is still alive and well, I am afraid, and may decide the outcome of this election. Their deep hate and contempt for the blacks. Sad story...

All the rest is pure motherhood and applepie...

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