Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Oliver's Ministry of Food


I've been watching this lad since his days of 'The Naked Chef'. He was a kiddo then and he's grown to a mature man these days... but still with loads of clever British humor. He's got a lot of business initiatives and often he offers his trade to help young people become cooks and find a meaning in their otherwise miserable life. I discovered the latest that he offers in a series of 7:30 min long recipes that can be enjoyed via the regular iTunes Podcast distribution. If you click on that hyperlink right now you'll end up on a hugely tasty recipe that I tried earlier at noon today. Chicken breast (Dolly Parton a-la Parmesan, I call it) with Parmesan cheese and Parma ham. With some great autumn salad and stuff. Yummie yummie! Especially cooked for my pal John Mecke in Atlanta Georgia for his voting Obama today! He seems to be twitting about food all the time, so this is to his honor!

Click the shot above and compare to Jamie's video to see if I'm doing well.

Bon appetit!

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