Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tarte Tatin

Saturday today and to celebrate Obama's victory one more time, I decided to use Jamie's recipe for a tarte tatin, a little cracker as Oliver puts it... Pretty straightforward, you just do as he says and... Bob's your uncle! That's what I thought!

I gotta admit... first I forgot to put the cinnamon in the sugar mix for the caramel, then I had to use a soy based fluid 'butter' instead of the regular butter that Jamie said... my caramel came out far too much (yep, I also used twice as much sugar than normal, sonovabitch) and the puff pastry wasn't enough to cover all the apples... oh, yes, I used apples instead of bananas, as the spouse (who's supposed to eat this as I am marginally diabetic and try to avoid sugar stuff) loves apples and hates bananas... Anyways, the darn thing eventually baked pretty straightforward, 25 min at 190 C°... we got this wonderful ATAG oven that bakes like a beauty. The last trick, turning the baked pie, while still hot, upside down on another plate, as Jamie correctly suggested, ended almost to a quasi disaster... as the caramel was hot and fluid and in excess, it ran all over the table and I had to clean it as fast as I could as it cooled pretty quick and stuck on the plank. Good thing Rita was gone for shopping at the local supermarket and I had plenty of time to clean up my mess... oh, dear me!

Anyways, see the result here above and one more shot on my Flickr postings and tell me what you think... Eh? I'll let you know about the taste later...

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