Saturday, November 8, 2008


I picked up this picture (left) from a Reuters slide-show on reactions around the world about Obama's election. This one was shot in Athens, Greece. By birth Greeks support Democrats, as far as I can remember. Even the right-wing Conservatives do. No surprises there... as the 1967 colonels are all dead by now!

Also, I wanted to use this posting as a farewell to my numerous comments in the last year about the Bush clan, the economy and the election campaigns. Now that we all won, it's better to forgive and forget and move on. For those of you who want to still find out some more about Obama, da man, there's a few series of Videocasts in iTunes that were maintained by his own campaign staff and worth watching. Also, for laughs, don't miss the Rachel Maddow show (Rachel's my brand new 'love') and above all the Jon Stewart Daily Show and the Colbert Report, both on Comedy Channel, with downloadable full episodes.

I'm returning to my favorite subjects which I have always known well as they were pretty close to my entire career too... like technology and software. There's lot happened in the meantime in the areas of new products, technologies, software, photography (remember the September Photokina that nobody had the time to look at because of the 'crash'?) and I could go on and on... I rather deal with those... much more fun... than going on bitching about how stupid McCain was to pick that miserable Palin and how George W. can still be life threatening to all of us even as a lame duck in the last 10 weeks of his Presidency. And about how many dogs Obama will buy his daughters before they move to the White House. These are things for the 'Sun' and 'Hello' and alike tabloid papers and gossip magazines. I'll be pretty 'apolitical' from this day onwards... Bavo rejoice!

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