Monday, November 3, 2008

Twitters of the World Want OBAMA!

It's just unbelievable. Twitter launched a few days ago the TwitVote, a mock opinion poll among twitter members worldwide. Although totally irrelevant as far as the actual outcome of tomorrow is concerned, as most Twitter members are aliens with no voting rights (like myself), it is still quite interesting to watch as it reflects the opinion of a large segment of the world's geekiest geeks, us twitters! In most US polls the two candidates are pretty close with single digit percent deltas. In TwitVote though it's not about percent point difference but about orders of magnitude. Obama reached 6 times the McPalin score, 12 thousand Twitter votes vs. less than 2.5 thousand.

Meaning, that if the world, the rest of us outside the US, who see our lives so much impacted by what goes on in the US, were to decide on those two, then Obama would be da man! I don't even believe that the World is against McCain whatsoever. It's primarily the Bush clan to blame for the strongly pro-liberal world opinion because of Bush's eight year long absurdly arrogant attitude and the cataclysmic damages they caused in our security and economies. And also McCain's selection of that appalling broad Sarah 'I betcha' Palin as a running mate, as she impersonates whatever we despise most in Bush's neocon regime!

Numbers talk for themselves. I only hope, at least the smart segments of the US electorate realize that and come to their senses tomorrow.

Update on Election day: Obama still leads McPalin by 6 to 1! Way to go my man!

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