Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Web 2.0 marvels

Strictly speaking, Web 2.0 is not just about forums but, for a long time, forums about everything and nothing represent zillions of gigabytes of up and downloads. Sometimes I happen to read one or two of those and have some good laughs. Click on the capture left as one such example to read for yourselves... here's the text copy:

"...From what I've been hearing, the hate-Bush Liberals have decided to hold over the recession for all of 2009, it's working out so well. They've already got 2009 wiped off the calendar as a year with no reason to live. They've done such a good job of fooling the public into tumbling the market, they're just going to keep the misery going. So that means you get to see Rosie and Whoopi and Oprah and the gang with their rhetoric for a long time to come. Ole perky Katie, and old Georgie Porgie Stephanopolopolopolous, and the rest of the little Libbies smiling big while they report all the GOOD things their Dems are trying to do to fix bad Bushes' dastardly deeds..."

Isn't that a 'scream'? Poor George S. (I can't help liking the guy as he's a fellow Greek somehow! And he seems pretty smart too... compared to Bill O'Reilly that is...)

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