Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Windows (00)7

This site is not for Windows lovers... you must have known it by now. Nevertheless, I know many of my readers have no other choice than use Windows, and some of my best friends work for Microsoft, so I gotta show you this. It's a sneak-peek on the next Windows (disaster) after the cataclysmic success of Longhorn Vista. It's gonna be called Windows 7, don't know why, couldn't care less either...

First reports talk about clattered desktops (will they ever learn?) and larger buttons (especially done for those of the Gates and Ballmer generation who increasingly need reading spectacles.)

In any case, as always, the Ars Technica article is pretty comprehensive and fun to read. If your destiny forces you to stick to the Monkey-Boy camp, then, go have a read... you can decide then whether it'd be better to start saving some dough and go buy a MacBook by the time they retire XP and Vista and come out with the next big thing... sounds like retiring Bush and getting McCain instead! Oh me, Oh my!