Tuesday, December 30, 2008

148 apps

To all iPhone and iPod Touch aficionados who don't know this site yet, go and have fun with 148 Apps. You got all the app news your heart would ever desire. And, if you happen to have bought your iPhone in order to play video games rather than place or receive calls, this is your Shangri-La!

Don't forget to check out their one single page that shows all apps available on the App Store. Real cute! If you're pretty bored one day and you got no clue what to do next, surf to that page, cover your eyes with one hand and left-click at random on the page with the thousands thumbnails with the other. You'll pick one out of 13,5 thousand apps +, as of today. The click links you to iTunes where, if you like what you see, you just click further to buy/download the darn thing! Anyways... a taste of contemporary habits, that is.

The news, that they put up on top today at 148apps, was about a group of app designer companies who are about to launch a New Year sale initiative on a number of their apps (20 right now). Check this out here. Why is this important? To most rational beings out there, this is not such a big deal, innit? To me though, a chronic Mac addict who looks stunned every time His Jobness launches a new market, this oligarchic 'sale' get-together is a signal about future great things to happen on the cybermarket space. First, we had a 'simple' model of the App store: It only takes a few (not too sophisticated) app designers who'd only need a cool idea and turn it into an iPhone app; then, let Apple do the rest, that is, marketing, delivery and collection. Now, some wizkiddo's got together to create 'sale cartels'. Why not? Next thing we see is volume discounts... who knows what else? Creativity is the best virtue of the human kind. We are where we are as the dominant species of earthy nature, after millions of years of Darwinian evolution (sorry, Miss Palin!), only because of one half of our brains... the creative half!

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