Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Μάνα μου Ελλάς

A 15 year old teenager, probably bored from attending classes, if any at all, decided to throw some stones to a patrolling police car in a suburb of Athens, Greece, known for its affiliation with anarchists. Εξάρχεια is the name. Ironically, this is phonetically not too different from Αναρχία, Greek for Anarchy.

A 'cowboy' policeman steps out of the targeted car, pulls his loaded service gun and shoots the young brainless kid in the chest... in so doing he thus managed to send him to his ancestors in eternity and beyond. Similar incidents happened before in the US, in Africa and Asia and South America, did actually happen in Belgium as well as in many other Eurozone countries. It could still happen everywhere!

In Europe, police usually shoots immigrants and colored people, as of habit. Don't know why, but they generally do that. Couple of years back they shot that Brazilian kid (a foreign student) in London, I remember. He seemed to them to be a terrorist suspect! They actually shot so many bullets into his body and skull that it looked like a Mafia payback. Very rarely are indigenous whites shot in incidents like these. Except... in Greece. In Greece they do shoot anything that moves.

A 15 year old kid died because of his own stupidity and that of a moron a-hole police officer and the whole country stopped functioning. What a better opportunity for opposition parties and unions to call for general strikes and paralyze the system even more, in times of worldwide recession? Greek temperamental natives wouldn't care less. Destroy shops and the life earnings of innocent and hard working citizens, burn and destroy people's houses, cars and any valuables, ready to start a bloody 'revolution'! Gimme a break brother! How can that be... in a country of the United States of Europe, a so called 'cradle of civilization' (dream on...) its youth acting like in a third world country at the lowest end of the spectrum (I mean, they're much worse than Somalia and Myanmar, aren't they?).

Our local Belgian National TV showed footage yesterday of a ravaging protester, another teenager, appearing on camera and shouting the loudest he could : 'Cops, murderers, they killed that kid, it's payback time...bla...bla...bla...'. The reporter's mic gave up on the kid's voice decibels and subsequent sound distortion made it extremely hard to understand where the obvious anger was coming from. As a matter of fact, Greeks usually shout in conversations to intimidate the opposite party and win an argument. The more they are wrong the louder they shout. This all stems from their emotions of 'φιλότιμο', their love of 'honor', so to say. Like Arabs stoning and throat-cutting their daughters and wives if the latter dare look some 'foreign' male in the eyes. The Greek youth, always spoiled and bad mannered as hell, is now about to take control of the country, to rage and revenge and payback the 'forces of Law and Order'. Yep... it sounds like Afghanistan Iraq insurgency and, that smells pretty much so.

Athens newspapers found again a new and terrific opportunity to sell more of their tabloid filth with front page news blown out of proportion, launching cries like 'the headless country is in civil war'. A-hole reporters doing their usual thing, throwing more oil to the fire to earn themselves another pathetic euro! Only care about yourself, bro. Screw all the rest! And convince yourself (lie to yourself) that you are right and all the rest are certainly wrong. And shout your lies loud and clear! Like Lenin once said: A lie, often repeated becomes the truth!

Take a look at the front-page of 'Ta Nea', shown above (click for better view). They effin' burnt down the Christmas tree, freaking retards, for crying out loud! The one standing at the infamous Syntagma Square, in front of the National Parliament! Useless morons! Makes you proud to be a Greek, eh? What else?

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