Wednesday, December 17, 2008

'Fake Steve Jobs' is definitely dead...

Daniel Lyons, a.k.a. Fake Steve Jobs, is for ever gone. This is the saddest thing that happened in the last thirty days, far worse than yesterday's announcement by Apple Inc that the real Steve Jobs was ditching the MacWorld Expo keynote next month, and sending stand-up comedian Schiller instead. What happened?

Lyons had a phenomenal talent to blog as the Fake Steve Jobs. He's been an inspiration to many 'cranky' bloggers out there, and I have to admit, to me personally as well. His way of saying things was just incredible. His FSJ blog is still up out there and you can go read some of his archives if you feel sad one day and need something to laugh about... He's done this for some time, drawing millions of hits to his page, and even making it to the list of the most influential dudes in America. However, one bright day in the summer of 2007 another moron reporter blew Lyons' cover. Good ol' Daniel decided two things then. Continuing the old gig was waste of time now that everybody knew who he was (the man behind FSJ). And, with all the attention around him, it'd be quite interesting to think about monetizing his fame (to feed his hungry 3 year old twins, he sez).

So, we got a new blogging spot from Mr. Lyons, going by the title: The Real Daniel Lyons. In the meantime, Lyons left Forbes where he was active as an editor, to join Newsweek Magazine, within the Washington Post family.

All's fine except for two more things: First, his new blog was nowhere close to what we got used to. I kept going back looking for some familiar postings and they weren't there. And second, the final coup was given by a recent (end of November 2008) posting in which he presumably insulted Yahoo's chairman Roy Bostock who then complained to Newsweek's management, who, in turn, reprimanded the 'wrongdoer'. And Lyons decided to ditch his second blogging initiative for good as he needs the day job real bad.

So, this is the end. Between you and I, it really felt like this from the moment his cover was blown. It's a sad story for all of us, as Lyons 'uncovered' writing style has proven sofar, from his other books and articles, to be far below to what we've been used with Fake Steve.


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