Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goliath vs David... who's who?

I enjoy immensely articles like this! Nokia (Goliath) is gonna pick a fight against Apple (David). Oh me! Oh my! And we all know what happened in that fight, don't we? If we believe the Holy Book, that is...

C'm on... just look at this line from that article:

'The N97 will feature a 3.5-inch touch screen with 50 percent greater resolution than the iPhone. It will also have a slide-out alphabetic keyboard, making it similar in overall design to the Xperia X1 recently launched by competitor Sony Ericsson.'

So, the iPhone is all about a large touch screen and about keyboards! Forgive me father for I have sinned!

OK! Here's my five cents!

Marketing geniuses of Nokia and the rest of you freaktards... The iPhone has not been successful because of its hardware, can you actually grasp this? (ok, there's the element of superior hardware design in it, but, so what?). It's the iTunes factor, stupid! It's the OSX, stupid! It's their SDK, stupid! It's the App store paradigm, stupid! It's the 200 Million apps downloads in less than six months after the App Store launch, STUPID! It's the fact that his Jobness has been able to select, motivate and surround himself with the most creative team on the planet and he has been able to change the rules of design and marketing of consumer products for ever, STUPID! (Once I thought Gates was that kind of genius... but Apple runs circles around Microsoft nowadays. Monkey boy can only jump up and down and look even more moronic than he actually is.)

The iPhone, a sequel to the iPod, is not just a piece of hardware, folks... it's an entire bloody system! An ecosystem altogether! I just don't get it for monstrous size companies like Nokia to still fall into the trap and believe in their wildest dreams that they can beat Apple on the iPhone! Sounds like IBM beating Microsoft out of MS-DOS 25 years ago! By the time Goliath raises one foot, little David has catapulted him to the kingdom of hell for good! By the time Nokia or anybody else like them launches iPhone challengers, Apple will have designed the next gen of appliances that will change our lives for ever again, at the workplace and in our living room! Beats me how all this is possible, but having worked for some of the big and dinosaur companies myself, I am not surprised. In the Nokia's or IBMs of this world top management is blindfolded by seer arrogance due to their company-size and of all the BS coming to them from their gray and plain average (sex-lagging) middle managers who are telling their bosses only what the latter wanna hear (emperor's new clothes sort-of-thing). And all (that same) top management cares about is not how to change established paradigms and become innovative, but how they'll just make another quarter, receive bigger than life bonuses, travel in corporate jets, play some golf, get pissed and get laid with up-market hookers in tittie bars, and find excuses to justify their fat pay to the shareholders while making a mess of the company's 'strategy' (whereas most of them can't even properly spell the word).

Dream on Nokia! If product design and marketing was only that simple we would all be billionaires by now!

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