Sunday, December 14, 2008


It took decades for Greeks to get their act together and clean the city for the Olympics four years ago. Look at the state of what remains of Athens today, the city of the Golden Age twenty five hundred years ago, the eternal symbol of our western civilization. Look what the savages have done to it. The so called Modern Greek youth, college students or high school pupils!

Many compare what happens in Greece today to the French suburbs uprise a few years ago. You wish. Those incidents were primarily led by residents of the French capital but not necessarily natives with roots in that country for centuries... most of them were unemployed immigrants who revolted in their slums as the result of their misery and hopelessness. Trying to idealize, politicize and rationalize the incidents in Athens is loss of time and energy. The wrongdoers are savages who deserve to live the rest of their miserable life behind bars. Spoiled children from upper middle class are many among them. Bored with wasting their parents' drachmas they came to the streets to burn down Athens, like modern time Nero's. To oust a democratically elected (albeit waste of space) PM Karamanlis, they destroy, burn, wipe the city away from the face of the planet. They are the scum of the earth. Open up Websters' on this entry and you'll find shots of Greek anarchists fighting with Police forces, like the one hereunder.

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