Sunday, December 7, 2008

Terrorist Tweets

What more are we gonna read about? Please, read this article. Can you just believe that? I mean, not that Twitter or any of the social(ist) Web 2.0 sites are potential tools for terrorists, but more think about the morons whose insane mind makes them think and write reports like the hyperlinked above! Pays well though! Writing online reports like this... Sounds like real news and is fun to gossip about among friends : 'Heard the latest about Twitter? Lemme tell ya'...

Now tell me, what moron terrorist is going to use a Web 2.0 site to launch an attack? I mean, it's already more than enough that Secret Intelligence Services worldwide fool themselves with ideas like this and pay their staff real salaries to screen each and every message appearing in blogs worldwide to identify (remember Minority Report with Cruise?) traces of potential insurgency and go after the wrongdoers... mostly kids who are having cyber-fun and use Internet to impress their classmates and potentially get laid or somethin'... I mean, really, I never thought authentic terrorists (from Al Qaeda and their likes) would ever publish on a WSJ frontpage their intent to go after a specific target, would they? It would spoil their 'fun'. I know, most of them lack a serious chunk of IQ in their brains as they believe they serve a noble (my ass) cause by doing what they do, bloody cowards! But even so... go tell 3 billion people about it? C'm on! Even they'd know better.

OMG, in what a monumental clusterf#ck the Bush doctrine has turned us to. Rachel Maddow has been making some emotional points last Friday about Bush's hawky doctrine. I could hardly believe what I heard! I never realized ever before the deeper meaning of all that! Initially I thought she was just kidding the way she explained it. Have I been livin' under a rock the last eight years? I might as well have.

Go google the words 'Bush Doctrine' and link to the Wikipedia article. Sit down then and have your blood-pressure pills by your side before you start reading. Having done that myself, I turned eventually into being proud of... Sarah Palin, the hockey mom who couldn't explain the Bush doctrine to an interviewer (she's been supportive of it though - what else?). The woman, thus, has never been a real 'insider' element of the evil neocons after all... just a Stupid (capital S) cheerleader, she was...

Anyways, if you happen to be a Twit, or a Blogger, or anybody making a habit of calling upon 'funny' URLs from time to time, then beware... Big Brother Uncle Sam is watchin' you. They may already own gigabytes large data files with details about you that you've never imagined about yourself to this day. No kiddin'.

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