Friday, January 23, 2009

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away...

That's right! That's my own preferred catchphrase to remember, since Obama didn't supply us with another one in his inauguration pitch. Look at Apple Inc's quarter ending December 08 financial performance! Whereas mighty Microsoft plunges into mediocrity (ok, let's not exaggerate too much, they can still turn in one quarter the profit that Apple makes in a year... right?), and most bluechips out there are busy laying off workers in the hundreds of thousands, Apple represents the single brightest spot in our economy. Despite the good vibes though, retarded analysts have been rushing for months now into negative predictions of Apple's performance, more out of vicious envy and stupidity I'd say, than pure logic. Because, even in his/her worst state of misery a consumer thinks like the ancient arena going citizen of Rome. Food and games! In our times this translates to hamburgers and gadgets. And, to quote John C Dvorak, El Jobso (or say Apple for that matter) has an incredible capacity to feel what gadget consumers want. He's second to no one on this.

Apple has always been suffering of high volatility. Still pays the sins of the nineties before His Jobsness joined them as an interim CEO, remember that? In the meantime, in ten years time, he managed to bring the company to an iconic status. And raise himself to Semi-God. Nevertheless, greedy gamblers just love shorting a stock like AAPL to make some real good dough on the way down. I sometimes wonder what service, if any at all, shortsellers do to the world other than enriching themselves filthy and cowardly. In this unique historically economic downturn, they only proved they can destroy perfectly sane companies by spreading rumors, panicking the flocks of average investors and pushing stocks to levels unseen before. And in the process, they cause phenomenally negative leverage upon those depending their retirement on a modest mutual funds investment. I honestly don't understand why market regulators allow short selling to the levels they do. And above all, most newsmedia carry more than their fair share in this negative climate. Once I argued that a leader (maybe BO is the only one with testicles sufficiently large to go do that) should be courageous enough to either seriously censor them or shut down their economy related negative reports until relative calm comes back to town. I still do believe that. More than ever.

I also believe that we shall all become a lot more resilient to this negativity and eventually turn deaf to the hearing of disaster news. Tell me somethin' I didn't know, kinda thing...We are almost there. Three years ago, on a typical day, 5% of today's average reporting about the economy would have moved the market down by 30% in a heartbeat. I don't know about you folks, but the market news these days are far worse than four months ago... nevertheless we appear nowadays to be far more resilient in terms of Dow and S&P 500 performance compared to the numerous 500+ daily point crashes we witnessed in September and October last year.

As for Apple, it will continue to grow gloriously, with or without his Jobsness, because it appears to know exactly how to play those sensitive chords in a man's mind and soul and make him cut down on everything but his iPod and his iTunes music! And, something many forget, most consumers out there, despite the dark times, deep in their soul, wouldn't settle for anything else than the best. That's why, whereas other MP3 players stagnate or sink, Apple's iPod sales figures catapult thru the roof. In times like these Apple's MP3 products seem to be the ultimate panacea. As the saying goes in Dublin..."An Apple (iPod) a day keeps the doctor away!"

BTW, have you recently heard about the 15 thousand apps available on App store, and the half a billion downloads since its launch last July? How many freaktard reporters already spoke about that then, eh?

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