Sunday, January 25, 2009

Baba O'Riley and House MD.

Not only the acting, scripts and cinematography (loads of 3D modeling to animate medical incidents) of this TV series are unquestionably the best Sunday evening entertainment money can buy but also the series makers' taste of music is exceptional too. Scores of The Who and Massive Attack! Wow! Sounds like a rock music wet dream!

A stunning Hugh Laurie (my Goad, remember him as a comedian in Black Ader?) acting in US English accent as Dr. House, probably in his best role ever, with such a convincing performance that makes Medicine students worldwide consider him the greatest champ and a role model, a sort of Barack Obama for Hospitals... Enjoy the YouTube clip; it's good fun and has been already watched by more than 1.1 million people by the time I found out. I was actually looking for the title of The Who's song and accidentally fell upon the House pot-pouri on YouTube. BTW, I have just watched the episode shown in the clip's opening scene where House is playing the B.O'R keyboards on a imaginary piano, while the fatso Chairman of the clinic's BoD enters his office... to cut his pleasure short!


Anonymous said...

I love him, watched every single episode and I'm thankfull that you advised it to me.

Anonymous said...

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