Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GOP Partisanship

Republicans must really be very 'bad losers'. They can't handle loss even if their opponent happened to be someone unusually superior and practically unbeatable, like Barack Obama. They nowadays appear to 'pretend' supporting him in his bipartisan policy while he tries like a modern day 'Bluetooth' Viking King Harald to unify his tribes over the entire country. One one hand they grilled Treasury Secretary nominee Geitnner for days because of a 50K debt he 'forgot' to pay to the taxes but on the other hand, with grandpa American hero McCain risen from the dead and waiving the flags, they are looking to create more jobs by lowering taxes and extending Bush&Co special tax cuts to the super rich. How do you reconcile this? They critisized heavily Obama's extra spending on helping local States in Police Force and Schools related spending and prefer tax cuts as a tool to just benefit the upper middle class and the mega rich instead (5% max of US population). What world do these people come from, honestly! Which schools did they attend? What were they told when they were children? Do they still believe regular folks live in a Doris Day and Rock Hudson ecosystem? Do they care about anything else than themselves? At all? Really!

At the end of the day, I believe Republicans viciously pay lip service to 'helping Obama succeed' whereas the only honest among them, Russ Limbaugh, at least publicly admits he wants Obama to fail. What a bunch of useless freaktards... They won't go away from their libertarian ideas that markets will eventually regulate themselves (in the meantime we're all dead) without intervention from a central authority while all we saw their Bush@Co policy of laisser-faire did the last eight years was to create more greedy Wall Street sharks who'd sell their own children just to make another billion, and bring everyone else down the drain.

I am not an economics expert but I'm only trying to use some logic and grasp a bit of the situation. Democrats want more spending in government led infrastructure projects in many areas of the American landscape and of course much lesser tax cuts. Also, tax cuts, if any, should benefit the mass, not the few who already have plenty of money to feed a few generations of siblings of their own. Makes sense. By spending money domestically, most of it is going to construction and engineering companies that are bound to create new jobs domestically too, without the shadow of a doubt. Who's gonna do the construction? Imported Chineze workers? Forgetaboutit! Illegal Mexicans? OK, maybe some. And by the way, those illegal immigrants live in the US, that means they buy products locally, they go to the movies locally and they spend most of their money locally (some they send back home, fine!). The more jobs are created domestically the more money is earned to be spent and the more taxes go back to the government for future spending and/or repaying the debt. In the meantime infrastructure works (roads, bridges, schools, energy, ...) improve conditions for future prosperity and growth of the local economy. The more jobs are created, the more demand for products and services grows, as more and more people earn more to spend on food, clothes, houses, leisure, cars, health and new taxes. Some of these newsold products may still come from China, certainly, but in the meantime the local economy has had a boost and a jumpstart. And probably, as the American economy gets stimulated and innovation flourishes, leading to better quality and productivity, it is quite likely that domestically manufactured products get eventually more competitive than those 'made in China' labels.

Now, what happens if you don't do much of that government spending but give cash back to the masses thru tax cuts instead? You'll then hope that this will create more demand because you'd believe people will get out immediately to go spend it on US products and stimulate demand! F@ckin' daydreaming. In the current climate, every penny anyone from middleclass gets in his/her wallet, he/she puts aside or spends it on cheap products from Asia, as most Americans already lost confidence in their system. And, BTW, if you got millions of folks on unemployment benefit, it won't do any good to cut back taxes since the unemployed and homeless have got no job or related income to pay taxes on anyway. Republicans do believe that if more money comes to the pocket of Joe the plumber he'll rush out to buy 'American' which will then create more jobs for his fellow neigbors. What a naief bunch of idiots.

'I won' said Obama to them as a joke, the other day. He better stop then that silly bipartisan approach and go ahead with his spending plans with or without them, freaks. Because the rich always had two main goals in their miserable lives. Power, and money. But just for them... them alone... and bleedin' no-one else.

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