Monday, January 19, 2009

He's da man!

Watch this clip folks! The man just sounds like music to my ears. Above all, the man is wired! He talks media. He talks cybernautics. He talks web! He's one of us. Not like the 'pipes' Ted Stevens and 'the Google' G.W. Bush idiots . And watch this: never, not in any moment, he talks about himself, other than to say that the celebration is not about him at all but about the win of all Americans. Eat your heart out you Texan moron with all your gangster like manners like-a 'that's My political capital, which I'm gonna spend because that's My style!' F@ckin' Tony Soprano cowboy! Tomorrow is probably the most historic moment I'll ever live to see in my lifetime... tomorrow's inauguration of President Obama, marking the beginning of a long period of fat cows, for all of us... not just the greedy and filthy rich of the last 8 years of Bush&Co!

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