Saturday, January 17, 2009

An iPhone for 1150 bucks!

I saw this at the Geneva International Airport and couldn't believe my eyes. I grabbed my mobile phone and shot the picture you see here. Of course the marvel was sold unlocked and was also available in its box to grab if you put the dough on the counter... but even I, a longtime Apple aficionado, had to smile at the price-tag! To those who fall for it and put the 1290 Sfr down, here's to you, suckers!

Anyways, what is true though is the following statement: You can't find shops easy that carry the item on inventory and ready to deliver to an anxious customer looking for it. Via one of the biggest dealerships in this country, carrying all of Apple's items, I found out recently that there's no way yet to go buy an iPhone in Belgium without ordering it first and waiting for a few weeks at minimum.

I have always had good laughs reading reports about current lower volumes and revenues as far as iPhone sales are concerned. I guess, if there are shops out there selling iPhones from inventory, let me know their address, please...

Anyways, the tax-free price at the Geneva International explains this all. Supply and demand! Name of the game...

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