Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama - A BLACK Man in the WHITE House!

Finally, the man was sworn to his throne. We saw it on TV. Live coverage, that is. I wonder how many billions around the globe watched him pronounce 'I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear...'. However, I still do believe very strongly that half of the millions assembled at the National Mall in Washington DC went there to witness not so much the arrival of a new President but the departure of the old one. After eight years of world misery we saw the monsters depart! Rejoice people! Bush and Cheney are no more. The hawks departed... vanished into the darkest pages of world history along with the likes of Adolf and Caligula. I need to admit... there were moments in the recent past when I been sh#tscared that the morons of the Bush&Co criminal gang would go as far as to establish themselves dictatorially in power for ever. Thankfully for us, the founding fathers of the US of A, when they designed US style democracy with all its checks and balances, and done that hundreds of years ago mind you, created a political ecosystem in which, even the worst gangsters possible, could never do what Franco did to Spain, Hitler to Germany and Pinochet to Chile... And so, all's well what ends well: Bush and his... Dick departed with rock-bottom approval ratings of just 22 and 13 percent respectively, making place for the new entrant of Hope with approval ratings of over 83%. Sweet taste of revenge! You just can't f@ck around with the peoples of the world anymore. Point blank!

And, btw, the Wall Street smart money started shittin' their underwear. Almost simultaneously as the final 'So help me God' was pronounced by President Obama the freakin' Dow Jones touched it's lowest point of the day, 250 points down on last Friday's closure. I only hope the BO dream team goes after these bloodsucking bastards real bad and chains the freaktards for ever in the bottom of the deepest ocean...

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