Friday, January 23, 2009

Say what? A Nanobama?

I thought this was interesting. So, that's what this promising technology, with machines made at the molecular level (like Richard Feynman dreamed of in the sixties), is good for: Nanobama's!

I also did this blog because of a great personal friend of mine, who, by the way, as one of the senior managers of the European Commission's RTD Directorate General, manages the part of FP7 (Framework Programme 7 - total of about $20B until 2014, I think) assigned to advancing European know-how in Nanotechnology. Great stuff are awaiting our kids and grandkids folks... Beyond our wildest imagination.

Between you and me, I still got no clue how these Nanobama artists did their gig. Or what they actually did, for that matter. I just thought it sounded kinda cool, what they did, that's all...

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