Sunday, January 25, 2009

The story of Ron Wayne...

As I was surfing the web I came across this article which basically repeats old news but still makes it worth to pause for a second and think about it.

In a few words the story is about Ron Wayne, the third founder of Apple Computer from Atari who joined the 'partnership' in the spring of 1976 by getting 10% of Apple (in today's depressed rates still more than 7 billion dollars worth, and more than 12 Billion under 'normal' market rates); but then he decided to leave the company to the two Steve's (Jobs and Woz) because of fear that he'd lose all his money in the partnership... he returned his 10% and received 800 bucks, a part of the profit Apple had turned around by then.

Reminds me of Forrest Gump who received a few shares of a 'fruit' company by his partner with the money they made in fishing and selling Baba shrimps! That company was Apple... mind you!

I've been searching on the net to find out more about this genius Ron... only historians, quiz masters and some romantic technology reporters talk about him nowadays. Anyways, he appears to have written Apple's first manual and he invented that Apple's first and quite funny logo with an apple falling on Newton's head that made him 'think different'. I wonder whether that was the reason they called the company Apple... not thinking of the troubles they'd get with The Beatles shortly there after...

Oh, the good ol' times!

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