Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

Yep. Like today, 54 years ago, Steve was born. To a student pair who all they wished for their baby was to be sent to college by his... future adopting parents. Cos, the two premature mum and dad only wanted to have the fun without the responsibility. We are grateful to them though for giving us Steve. A man who, less than half a century later, gave us the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Mac OSX and the Incredible Mac!

I know and remember that day very well, as my bride was born in the same year but just one day later, which reminds me not to be a dumb ass and forget it again tomorrow, as I am pretty good at that... keep thinking about it for weeks but the day itself it's all gone... and it comes back when it's too late.

Steve is going thru some difficult times. In a period where the company enjoys iconic status, its each and every move is frontpage news, and its cash reserves are close to 30 billion green ones, the man is suffering the repercussions in the aftermath of his pancreatic cancer 'survival' a few years ago. We don't know much about it, but for the sake of the rest of us, I wish him well and a quick recovery. If that was humanly possible to recover from the statistically bitchiest cancers of them all. Mine looks like childplay compared to his. Although... I shouldn't boast too loud. Yet...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vassily!

All the best for you friend Steve in his recovery and, for sure, all the best for you too.

Your optimism and courage are the best investments you can do.

A friend in Made4U
BTW, You have a nice diary!