Friday, February 20, 2009

Octuplets mum

I am raged. I mean, really. I am normally cranky...not today though. This morning I'm fockin' RAGED! I couldn't get much sleep and was on my feet at 5am. It's still early, as I write this, quarter to six sort of thing. I turned on my super trooper Internet radio and fell on this CNN650 (KIKK) US based radio station... a news broadcaster on the sound of it. Can you imagine that they've been going on for hours now commenting with hatred I never seen before about this woman in California who gave birth to octuplets? How irresponsible she is, and how the nation should take custody of her babies, and that she is into a reality show now, and that she was looking for a 2 million dollar house, and that she just bought new and expensive makeup... My Goad, I couldn't believe the pettiness and horsesh#t of these reporters! The whole miserable nation is falling apart amidst the worst financial crisis in living memory and suddenly the 'octuplets' became the center of the universe going on for weeks of gossip and hatred unseen by all measures! What f@cking right do these freaktards have to judge in public any person for that matter? Did they just forget their own constitution and its thousands of amendments to allegedly protect the right to privacy of their own citizens in the land of the free and the brave? Forgot the shame their big 'Dick' and that Texan moron BushCo brought to the world with their Iraq invasion and Guantanamo Bay practices in the name of 'war against terrorism' and against the 'axis of evil'? Did they just forget the scam sh#thole this whole country has fallen into and pulled the rest of the living world in the process, along with them? Did they just forget their monumental financial depression and just found all the free time to act like that moron GOP evangelist Russ f@ckin' Limbaugh to spread their filth and hatred around? Is this a nation of dickheads or they are just made dickheads by their criminal and beyond imagination corrupt media?

Ok, right, they changed subject right now. Now it's about that bimbo Alaska governor Palin and her hot off the press biography! Like anyone in his sane mind would ever care! Gimme a break bro. Let's gossip about that b#tch now! Please Goad, show them the way! These retard reporters are just plain nuts! And they are getting paid for it. God, show them the way and spare us further misery!

Oh, jee! Now they have it about that chimp who watched TV with a remote, and lived like one of the guys, and 'brutally' attacked a woman, friend of its owner one day, and the Police shot it dead! The woman owner confessed in tears the chimp was her 'life'... she cooked for him... she loved him... she 'slept' with him! Wow! What a confession! Yeah, right! US of A. This is the place I definitely wanna spend the rest of my days! Nooot?

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