Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Politics Made in USA

Republicans in Congress are such monumental dicks! For months now I follow the press and TV reports on American Politics, and I must say, I have lost all my confidence in the Parlementary leadership of a country that I spent the best part of a lifetime career serving its mutinationals. It's just appalling to see what's going on there. Republicans lost the last presidential elections not just because BO was a much better candidate than their confused geriatric sample and his populist bimbo, but because of their arrogance in the last eight years and their total lack of perception of the common man reality. They still didn't learn their lesson. Far from! Since last November they have started an insane by all counts anti Obama crusade that risks to alienate them from the American public way more than they ever imagined possible. Pity that Obama so naiefly believes he can bring together a strong bipartisan Congress to work 'patriotically' for the revival of the country. What do you expect from a party that asks a moron like Joe the plumber to come to their strategic gettogethers and give them direction? How low can they still go? Read that excerpt from a Reuters article earlier today:

There are big political risks for both parties in the struggle over the stimulus, which at about $838 billion would be almost 6 percent of gross domestic product and about a quarter of the size of the U.S. federal budget. Congressional elections are less than two years away and without some improvement in the economy, Democrats in control of the White House and Congress could be punished by voters in 2010. Republicans have argued that the best way to boost the economy is mainly through tax cuts instead of jacked up government spending. But with a new Gallup survey finding that 67 percent of the public approves of the way Obama has sought stimulate the economy, their opposition carried its own risks. Even as the Gallup poll found that the approval rating for Republicans in Congress was 31 percent, less than half of Obama's rating, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said: "I think that this is a poorly crafted bill."...'

That's it then. All they care is make the Democrats fail in the next Congressional elections so they can easily screw Obama's life afterwards. Care about the electorate? No shit! Yeah, they care about getting re-elected themselves and make an easy buck for pissing around for the rest of their miserable and corrupt lives. Whatever I feel about them GOPers in Congress though is totally irrelevant. I live on this side of the pond anyway, and like my old boss used to say, I have an opinion like I have an a-hole... like everybody else. What I feel very depressed about though is that some of my friends, born and raised in this wonderful US of A, are so pissed with the whole circus themselves that they seriously think of leaving the country and move to Europe to spend the remaining of their retirement days in peace, away from that mess. It must be really sad there. What a clusterf@ck!

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