Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Online Socialites...

I'm so 'proud' of my Twitter wallpaper. I picked a sea blue template from Apple's Keynote, a bearded character from Brigada Ramona Para's Beaufort03 work at the Voetgangerstunnel (Zeepreventorium, de Haan @ the Belgian North Sea Coastline), added some sideways type in PS-CS4 and Bob's your uncle. For the rest, I keep adding BS twits every now and then and some poor souls decide to follow me for a couple of hours or so before heading south and going away to do something more meaningful with their miserable lives. Twitter is the new opium for the masses. It's another Haley's comet in the Web 2.0 Social Networking landscape. Like that other phony BS site a.k.a. Facebook! 200M active accounts claims Herr Zucker are open at his golden (but 'stolen' from a 'friend') Facebook idea. I've been on it for a couple weeks and ended up a few times like ready to go vommit, appalled by the shitload of porn-style horseshit posted on walls, together with shots of persisting 18 year old horny 'dates', hunging all over the page margins, and then I said to myself: Get a life dude! And I ditched that freakin' account for good. I hope the remaining 200M do the same! This social networking thing must have really pushed our inner drive for public exhibitionism to the max... making all tools necessary available even to the braindead who are dying to also be 'cool' and get laid and have their 'own' homepage on the Facebook Planet and eventually add a few more billions on moron babyface Herr Zuck's bank account!

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