Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 lies IT developers love to tell and believe...

I loved this Kawasaki article this morning. Go read the whole thing. Seer fun!

As a management summary, I repeat those 10 lies here too. So that I don't forget...

1. We're about to go into final testing.
2. Even my mother can use it.
3. Our beta sites really love the product.
4. We'd save time if we'd just start the whole project over from scratch.
5. This time we got it right.
6. It works on my computer.
7. We have great testers and a great bug-tracking system.
8. I don't know much about sales or marketing.
9. What I'm doing is scalable.
10. This will take five minutes to fix.

Mr. Gregory Cara... are you listening? I'm sure if you brainstormed by yourself a few more minutes you'd come up with another ten...

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