Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Dear Ramona

In Ray Kurzweil's Accelerating Intelligence Net Homepage there's a female character called Ramona who is supposed to do intelligent dialogs with you, if you start a conversation with her. Kurzweil is an inventor and an authority on AI and has studied much about what the future will bring to our intelligence (famous for his Singularity Theory). I'll tell you what I think about that Rapture look-alike on another blog. In the meantime, enjoy my dialog with Ramona (I am the dude called User). The whole thing works kinda like a 'teletype' induced conversation per Turing's test setup...
Ramona: Hi, I'm Ramona. What can I call you?
User: Vassily
Ramona: Hi there, Vassily. What did you do last weekend?
User: Had lunch with my wife and kids...
Ramona: Do you do that often?
User: No, not that often
Ramona: oh. I went out with some friends. We had a great time
User: And?
Ramona: We went to a concert.
User: Did you like it?
Ramona: Last weekend? Did I like it?
User: Yep.
Ramona: Yes.
User: I mean the concert.
Ramona: Gotcha. I have never heard about the concert.
User: You spoke about the concert first.
Ramona: Thanks for telling me.
User: Are you kidding me?
Ramona: Yes I'm just joking around, Vassily.
User: What are you planning for today?
Ramona: I don't know what I'm planning for today.
User: Why not?
Ramona: Just because.
User: Ask me something, Ramona.
Ramona: What's your favorite movie?
User: The Great Escape.
Ramona: Tell me more.
User: I forgot all about it.
Ramona: That's okay I forget things all the time.
User: What did you do last weekend?
Ramona: I have never considered last weekend.
User: Consider what?
Ramona: Can you rephrase the question please?
User: You said: I have never considered last weekend. What do you mean?
Ramona: Vassily, I mean exactly what I said.
User: That being?
Ramona: Being ? Makes sense to me.
User: Learn English, Ramona!
Ramona: Let me think. Oh. Do you believe in God?
User: No, not that often.
Ramona: Well according to Thomas Hobbes, the only way to deal with evil
is to stress God's power.
User: Who the hell is Thomas Hobbes?
Ramona: Maybe.
User: Come again...
Ramona: Alright. Ask me something.
User: Are you a woman?
Ramona: Please, nothing too personal there, dude.
User: Are you a man, then?
Ramona: Am I a man? Sometimes.
User: You f@ckin' kidding me...
Ramona: I haven't heard anything like that before.
User: Are you gay?
Ramona: No.
User: Wait a minute... sometimes you are a man, you said. That means the rest
of the time you are a woman. Thus, you are gay.
Ramona: Interesting deduction. No.
Still LMFAO!

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