Monday, July 13, 2009

I had to RT this from FSJ's blog!

I really couldn't resist re-twitting this clip after I watched it first at FSJ's. Like he sez, this could be funny except this is exactly the way many US networks operate. You end-up wondering... where do they get those panel people from? Local supermarket? The stadium before games begin? I mean, God almighty, this must be the biggest pile of horseshit I came across in more than a year! Oh dear, our poor poor children will have to pay for the bailout, sez one female moron on the panel! What a groundbreaking brilliant idea is this, eh?! If you only had a tiny little Homer Simpson brain, you... stupid cow, you and your moron peers wouldn't have brought down this economy the way you managed to do it, by giving in to false promises of corrupt bankers and all those Madoff-and Stanford alike Wall Street sharks, and the economy would probably be far better off, run by clever folks for clever folks. How do I spell 'clever', you ask? I rest my case...

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