Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Calacanis opinions

I don't feel much in the mood of blogging today but this article was too good to leave un-reblogged. Original article was written by a well known blogger who hates Apple, Brooklyn raised Jason Calacanis (perhaps a second or third gen son of Greek immigrants) and responses to that post were blogged by many of whom I like Marco Arment's the most. The funny thing is for us Greeks the 'Calacanis' name (if he indeed has Greek roots) means two things. One is "you are doing the right thing" and the second, if you put a question mark at the end, means "are you OK?". In themselves, those two interpretations curiously represent the preferred opinions of the two camps who'd read the Calacanis post, that is, Apple Haters and Apple Lovers respectively. Here's an appetizer and go read the rest over there... it's fun!

...I’ve seen a lot of people quoting and linking to Jason Calacanis’ recent article, The Case Against Apple—in Five Parts, in a positive light. But I can’t. It’s ridiculous.

Let’s start with an easy one:

Sure, everything on the Mac platform costs twice as much …
I over-pay for Apple products because I perceive them to be better (i.e. Windows-based hardware is 30-50% less–but at 38 years old I don’t care).

I don’t need to get into this very much with this audience, but for the people standing in the back who just came in and missed the last few years of one of the internet’s favorite arguments, Apple simply doesn’t have a low-end lineup. Their hardware is very competitively priced to similar hardware from other vendors. They just don’t compete in the ultra-low-end market, which is better for their shareholders since nobody makes any money there.

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