Monday, August 3, 2009

Just like B2B

Many thx to Dan for pointing me to this. Simply hilarious. To those of us who have been in sales related jobs for many years and dealt with corporate buyers in countless occasions, the clip turns even more tragicomic as anyone in the salesman trade will recognize the arguments by each and every customer in the clip as very similar to those used by tons of professional buyers during procurement negotiations. You see, the thing is, whereas one accepts that such buying arguments make a lot of sense in a B2B transaction, and therefore good sales-people are well trained to deal with them, when we hear plain vanilla consumers, in B2C situations, using similar 'pro' argumentation, suddenly it all becomes kinda duh?! obnoxious.

I honestly wonder how many procurement professionals act like the three customers in the clip when they themselves visit regular retail shops or restaurants. I really wanna know how many among them do play the game the same way as during their day job. My guess is not many. Most professional buyers, while being ruthless predators during B2B procurement situations, become real chicken when they come to defend their own personal interests. Don't know why, but I am sure they do. On the contrary, those who stand up a lot for their personal benefit as consumer buyers are in fact those who typically sell stuff in their professional activity, that is all those salesmen, like you and I (have been).

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