Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Experiencing the New Nano.

It's been some time since I indulged myself into acquiring and unpacking a new iPod. Following the recent product announcements on 09-09-09 and El Jobso's show-off of the latest and brightest from Planet Apple, I couldn't resist my geek temptations and decided to add a new baby brother to my dozen plus older iPods, acquired since their appearance almost 8 years ago. I actually never felt before the user experience common to most iPods of the last few gens. Like cover-flow and playing videos and watching slide-shows and such. Or iPods talking to you with voice menus.

I shot a clip and posted it on YouTube for you to enjoy it here. What can I say? I rather not spoil it by trying to use common words to describe the feeling. Ain't no good. Enjoy the clip instead!

BTW, in case you been wondering, I shot that clip with a Sony HDR-DG3 pocket camcorder and edited the footage in iMovie 2009.

And finally. I called the largest supplier of Apple goodies in this country and asked whether they had any 3GS in stock. I been trying to buy one since its introduction last June. Did the same with 3G a year ago. Then, they had some stock and I bought one; now they say, they have a 300 piece backorder and no idea when they gonna get delivered. And this is Belgium, right? Neither Kenya nor Côte d'Ivoire! Blimey! We'll end up in a state where we'll never be able to buy any iPhone anymore. By the time they' be able to deliver from stock, Apple will have announced the next model and naturally people will try to get that one...

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