Monday, September 28, 2009

Why computers will eventually screw us!

As I opened my Blogger dashboard to edit a new blog yesterday I was faced with the statement in red (click for sharper view) shown in the screen capture left. Apparently some algorithms invented by geniuses decided that this blog, running here for more than two years, is a spam. Spam blogs generate an immense amount of postings, it seems, with cheap content and a gazillion links to same pages on the net. Maybe. I don't know. I haven't come across any of that for almost 20 years I'm surfing the net. Or maybe I have. I can't tell. Anyways, the blogger bots decided I am a spammer... I'm sure they'll have to rethink their algorithms as they remind me of the antispam engines of my employer stopping systematically legit mails to allow viagra sellers pass thru undisturbed to deliver their ridiculous spam.

In any case, what happened here reminded me of the legendary article Bill Joy wrote years ago in the Wired magazine about computers taking over our lives in the not too distant future and messing them up. In other words, when natural (human) intelligence (or is it stupidity?) teaches computers to 'think' via all sorts of algorithms, then count the 'innocent' to pay the price and the 'guilty' to pass undisturbed. Good ol' Bill Joy. He's increasingly being proven right, is he not?

The most hilarious thing though is that when I requested a so-called 'unlock review', whereby they presumably engage a real person to examine their insane spam-blog verdicts, they presented me with a very friendly message (see screen capture here right) aplogizing on behalf of their 'bots' !!!??!! Can you imagine that? Real humans apologizing on behalf of their robots !!?!? Billie boy, we are already there. Yep. Transformers have taken over our lives already and we don't even know it yet!

UPDATE: As of  this morning I was exonerated from being accused as a spammer! Allahu Akbar!

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