Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a Turk! I'm leavin' this cunt country (sic) for good!

Hilarious and tragic. I wish you understood Dutch to grasp the dialog. In summary, a TV crew accompanies a Dutch Highway Patrol chasing offensive drivers. In this clip, they appear to be chasing an S-Class Merc at 167 km/h in an area of 100 km/h legal limit, that eventually appears to be driven by a Turkish immigrant, resident in the Netherlands since 30 years. The dude initially reacts cool (within limits) and tries to excuse himself that he's been talking to his passengers, whom he picked in Brussels, and that he didn't pay much attention to his dashboard... bla... bla... bla... but, when he hears the officer saying that, at that speed he was gonna lose his driver's license, the dude goes literally bananas. The saddest part of the incident is that he starts blaming the policemen for 'racism' and 'jealousy' because he happens to be a Turk and driving a S-Class Mercedes. Quite a few immigrants in the Low Lands (that includes Belgium too) try singing that song to defend themselves against local authorities. It's so bloody pathetic. And then, he starts cursing the country itself (kutland, kut=cunt) and the police officers. Then, he turns to offend the camera crew (calls them klootzakken=testicles)... Admit it! In 30 years the dude became quite fluent in Dutch slang!

What a monumental ass! I mean, really, if you know a more tolerant place on our planet than the Netherlands, please tell me... I'll move there tomorrow. I wish the dude tried this in Turkey. They'd beat the livin' shit outta him, throw him behind bars and let him rot there... to only let go after he paid them the equivalent of his S-Class in bribes... small notes! Remember Midnight Express? Or, for fun, he should try that behavior in another Western country... kinda like Texas for a change. Patrol officers would first shoot his brains off his skull onto the pavement, and then... cuff him!

Morale of the story: Dutch Patrol Officers are way too cool!

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