Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 is knockin' our door...

Last day of the year, today. A 'glorious' decade of the most monumental fuck-up in the history of mankind is about to be gone for good. The Age of Arrogance is almost over! Praise Moses! Let's hope the coming ten years will be a lot better. I just couldn't stand another Dick or George W! Even the Pharaohs knew that fat cows came after the years of plague and misery! Easily done, if you ask me. The first decade of our (Western calendar based) 3rd Millenium sucked so stinkin' bad, that anything else we'll see in the future promises to be an improvement. Unless a meteorite hits us and we all fry to eternity... Not a snowball's chance in hell though. No way. This planet's still got a few billion years to go before it all becomes dust and fire. So, calm down. It's not over yet...

My kids, grown up for sometime now, plan celebrating New Year's Eve (or is it Old Year's... I never been able to figure this out) with their friends and partners in Ghent and Antwerp. My deary spouse (lightly napping in her armchair while 'listening' to an ABBA tune on the radio) and me, still tapping the MBPro keyboard, are about to launch into the traditional eve's passage of the last few hours of 2009 to add another unit to our dull middle-aged lives. We'll probably watch the same good ol' TV shows and eat Japanese and Greek (yep, I'm cooking tonite and when I do that it's always mixed cultures nutrition), and wait for the midnight hour to raise our bubbly "here's to hope for better health" (what else... dough we got enough to get around, inch' Allah)...  and enter another hopeful year in the cycle of life.

Spouse sounds ecstatic as she just found her candles that she's been looking for all around the house... What a joy! Six o'clock radio news reports on a lunatic up in Finland who just shot dead five folks and then shot himself too. A bonehead from Kosovo. Revenged his ex because she started seeing someone else! So what? Dickhead! Rushing to celebrate New Year with Angels and Demons... Some people!

Just drove home from a short visit to the office in Brussels. The place was practically deserted except for some addicted workaholics who were still struggling to get last minute invoices out the door and close another glorious year with record revenues, off the charts, never seen before in the history of the company. Even DHL gave up waiting on them invoices. The pick-up boyz stopped their last round at 2pm today and wouldn't come to pick those darn invoices anymore. What a shame! What did you expect? It's the bleeding December 31st, for crying out loud. Only the Flemish workaholics seem to always forget that! Most other sensible folks are already getting pissed with torrents of bubbly for hours now. That's the spirit my lads! Financial crisis she sez. BS! Yep... crisis only beats the simple minds and the honest. The "sophisticated", the risk takers, and the... corrupt will always manage to surface as the winners one way or another. C'est la vie, like the Bolsheviks used to say!

Radio plays the "Classics Top 1000". They started a few days ago and they count backwards to the top of the list. It's gonna be Bohemian Rhapsody again, I reckon, as it's been like this for as long as I remember! Most tunes are good though. It's playing Pink Floyd right now, as I type this. Supa group, if you ask me. Will never forget the Wall, and Waters performing in Berlin 20 years ago. Radio broadcast just moved to the next one... "Sweet child in time"... All time Number One for years! Deep Purple! Wow! We are getting closer to the top of the list, I reckon. It's Led Zeppelin next with Stairway to Heaven. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Another mega group! Oh, the seventies. Nobody can beat those Rock Star Semi-Gods!!! I was in my twenties and enjoyed discovering life then. And thinking that we, the youth, were on top of everything and ruling the world as we know it! Dream on! Living in Athens, Greece, as a Polytechnic student, under the boots of a bunch of macho mean junta colonels. O tempora O mores! Uriah Heep, Cockney Rebel, Jethro Tull! The Classics!

Happy New Year to all!

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