Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lessons in Chinese... a pictograph a day keeps the Mandarin away

I luv 'em Chinese! I mean their pictographs! Look this one shown here left. A double sign of "happiness" meaning "marital bliss". And the happiness pictograph itself is the sign of a drum upon an (open) mouth. Go figure! All you need to find happiness in China is beat a drum and sing along! Cool! Or is it, beat the drum with your mouth? WTF?! LMAO!

There are thousands like this. One I like a lot is the sign of a woman. Looks like a (kneeling) woman (with some imagination) with her legs crossed. Put two of them (woman) pictographs together and you get... quarrel! Put three together and you get adultery! Why three for crying out loud? If you got just one extra, are you telling me, you're still fine? I'll go tell my spouse that! I'm off to China for the rest of me days, folks... Or is it because they definitely wanted two women to mean quarreling? And they therefore needed a minimum of three to tell "messing around"? Who knows? Don't you believe me? Check this source and find out for yourselves.

The other one that proves the centuries long respect of the Chinese for their women is the one shown here right. Means a Slave. The sign on the left is the woman. The one next to it is the sign of a Master's hand! A woman under a master's hand is a slave! Right on!

You still think Chinese pictographs are hard to learn? Start learning and you won't stop rolling on the floor laughing your ass off! I'm telling you, I haven't had such fun in a long time, ever since I started studying them buggers.


Nikolaos Antoniou said...

Listen Vassily. I read the article and am totally confused. in general, anythig Chinese I find confusing. Noodles, textiles, made in China, newspapers, sweets... But I did click on your link to try to find out how one can decipher Chinese. And voila an advert came up advertising Chinese women to travel with. Is it a coincidence? Or are women the key to decipher everything?

VJK said...

LMAO. Which button did you click? The URL probably figured out that you are an attractive young stud and pointed you to a more interesting site instead. I'm no that lucky!