Sunday, January 3, 2010


Loyal to a year-end holidays tradition I recently paid a visit at Sani Imports, a wholesale Greek food supplier in Brussels. Among many lip-smacking goodies I also bought a small box of melomakarona. Has been long, very long really, since I tasted those. That was in the sixties, back in Greece, when my mommy dearest enjoyed preparing fattening sweets in spades for her adolescent kanakari! Never imagined that my deary spouse would have loved them so bad, to the point that she decided to prepare them on her own. So, in a net search for a traditional recipe 'made in Greece' I fell upon this video clip shown on Greek TV. Watch it to the end and don't mind your lack of understanding Greek at all. Pictures are worth a thousand words... And video clips are worth millions... I gotta say though, quite an original way to present recipes, and between you and I, exceptionally fit to all those oversexed Greek machos.

I've seen more food recipe programs in my life than I would have ever wished for. In this country alone we have at least half a dozen running on various channels. Not to mention that dreadful fat cow Nigela Lawson on BBC with her suicidal X-mas recipes this time of the year. I hate the woman. She's been always using preposterous amounts of sugar-and-fat rich ingredients in her recipes, and then she's the first to gobble her own vomit... her ass eventually growing to a frightening shape that skilled cameramen are careful to stay away from during her broadcasting, upon penalty of getting sacked. Anyways... However, I never came across such an inspiring formula like that of the Greeks, ever before. Food and sex?! Why not? Our ancestors did that in spades. Called them symposia and orgies. Spaghetti Romans copied them later into the infamous Rome sex parties. And refined them further to the level of excellence. Until that moron Emperor Constantine the Great came by... and killed all the fun! What can ye' say? Combining pleasures... Most creative ideas are really born in Greece, aren't they?

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