Saturday, February 20, 2010


If you feel kinda bored today and wanted to try something real cool, try Photofunia. A free app on the iPhone that offers a long series of scenes in which you can add a picture of your own and make it look real weird! I experimented with a bunch of effects they offer (by far not exhaustive of what they have available) and I must admit the results are way too cool, at least for viewing on a monitor (not enough pixels for quality printing though). Take a look at the album I posted in my gallery to get the taste. As I said, if nothing else useful to do, feel free to waste some of your life experimenting with this. BTW, if you were wondering what's so special about Miss Jolie in the shot here, ask my youngest sibling about it... He's still chasing me!

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sPaZ said... has another 2,500 photo generators.