Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Over the weekend I discovered this iPhone app that listens to the name PhotoSpeak. Concept is simple but the results are limitless. You select a portrait picture from your embedded photo library, on your iPhone (iPod Touch, and soon iPad), or you even shoot one on the spot, with your iPhone camera. It then sends the shot over the net to the mothership. Lightning fast servers analyse the content next and kinda "vectorize" it. The result is sent back to your iPhone for viewing. All happens in a matter of secs, depending on your connection speed. The original picture seems suddenly like it's got life in it. The portrait eyes follow your finger as you touch the screen on various positions. You can even record a message on the spot via the phone's mic and PhotoSpeak lip syncs it with the talking head.

Next, you can upload it to your YouTube account and tell friends about it. All this from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod Touch (and soon iPad). Simply phenomenal...stunning! Only limitation is that a spoken audio message can only be a min long. And the resulting clip too. No worries though. You can do longer clips if you add up many one minute ones and then upload them to Youtube. From YT you download them back to your PC or Mac and glue them together in a simple movie package like iMovie or Vegas. The format is MP4.

Watch the clip above. Mind you, I created this clip with PhotoSpeak starting from a painting I did some 15 years ago. See the original source picture here... I used the iPhone inside PhotoSpeak to record some bullshit content about a minute long and the soft lipsynced it with the talking head! My kids, who have been used to see the original painting hanging on our walls for so long, were shocked to see the result. Harry Potter kinda thing!

This way, you can surprise your spouse by using her mother's talking head and have someone speak something naughty in it, to make it sound like your real in-law... it's even better if the latter has already passed away... a message from the dead... wouldn't that be a wonderful tease?

As I mentioned... possibilities are limitless. You can even fake Bin Laden passing a 'sexy' message to his 1000 virgins on Valentine's...

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